I needed to come up with a paint technique to create a certain look on a set of heavy wood dining chairs. They had to coordinate with many elements in the same room and I was going to be using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint to do it. 

They needed to lightened up the space but the table top was
 staying dark wood, so I would have to keep some of the wood showing.
 They also needed some light blue to match the cupboards
 near by, and all the accents around were a butter cream color.
After much thought, trial and error, I came up with this
 rustic paint finish. It is smooth and hard wearing.
Not to mention slightly gorgeous.

Words of warning ... these chairs had many rough surfaces
 and this technique encompasses 6 steps for every surface.
In other words, IT'S A WORK OUT!


The paint used is Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. All colors are custom mixed using Provence, Arles, and Pure White

BEFORE                        AFTER

With a butter cream color I dry brushed
all of the surfaces as seen below
dry brushing is done by putting paint on a paint brush then
 wiping the paint off on the edge of the can before brushing
 the wood surface

With a wood block, I dragged on
 light blue paint as seen below

The wood I used is a scrap of 2x2 and I used a rubber
kitchen spatula to apply the blue paint to the block before
 dragging it over the flat surface of wood. The Wood
on Wood contact creates the random texture.

Once the blue paint was dry I dry brushed
 a layer of butter cream paint over each surface.
move to the next step with each surface as 
you want to work with wet paint

While the last butter cream layer was still wet I
dragged my wood block over the wood surface.
This smoothed out and knock paint off the edges
and high spots creating the look you see below. 
You can do this step if the paint has dried but you
 will need to work much harder to get the job done

The final layer I added was Annie Sloan
Clear wax to all the surfaces.

The following day I buffed all the chairs
with a heavy terry cloth rag to get the
finish to shine and help repel water and dirt.

On some surfaces like the back rests I also did some wood
 block dragging with the butter cream color. You can see
 samples of that on the chair below right.

There was still more to do to this dining set
but that will come in future articles.

You can always follow along on 
INSTAGRAM @4_the_love_of_wood
where you get sneak peaks of what I am up to.

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