UPGRADING AN MDF COFFEE TABLE - stenciled table top

Yesterday I shared photos of this old world finish I created on an MDF coffee table. Today I will share the steps I took to achieve the look.


to create the top of the coffee table
coffee table already painted turquoise
large medallion stencil (Michaels)
butter cream colored chalk paint (AnnieSloan)
grey colored chalk paint (AnnieSloan)
dark wax (AnnieSloan)
rubber glove (applying dark wax)
180 grit sand paper
paint brush
paper towel

create a back ground for my stencil
I wanted the look of wood but the table top was made of MDF
so I faux painted a weathered looked across the entire table top

Layer 1 - complete coverage of butter cream paint, brushed in one direction
Layer 2 - patchy, streaked layer of grey paint brushed then ragged in one direction
Layer 3 - streaked layer of dark wax ragged in one direction

When layering the paint and wax in the same
direction it helps to create the look of wood grain.

create a barrier to protect the background effect
I let the paint and wax cure for 24 hours then I took it outside
 and gave it a spray clear coat using a water based Varathane.
I just wanted enough barrier in case there was any issues with
 the next step ... the stenciling. If I had to wash something off
 or correct something this barrier would help protect the
 background I just worked on.

stenciling the medallion on the surface

I measured the stencils position from side to side before
 starting to make sure it was centered. Rather than using tape
 to hold it down I found it easy to keep in place with one hand
 while applying the paint with the other. The size of this
 stencil and the thickness helped keep it in place.

Using the butter cream paint color, I worked in quarters
as I pounced my dry brush over the stencil. Once one
medallion was complete I lifted the stencil carefully
off the project then washed the stencil clean in the sink.

With a cleaned and dried stencil I started on the second
 medallion. Once again measuring it's position.

Each time I finished one of the medallions I washed the
 stencil and dried it. This helps keep the project clean and
avoid mistakes and bleeding of paint under the stencil edges.


Distress the edges

Using the 180 grit sand paper I distressed the edges
of the table top so the turquoise would stand out.

Apply a clear coat for protection

I used wipe-on-poly by Minwax. I applied 6 thin coats over 4
 days, sanding lightly between each coat. This knocks down
 any air bubbles that might occur and remove any lint that
 might have fallen before it set. The final layer is a nice wax
 and buff over the clear coat.
Please note: wipe-on-poly yellows white paint

You can always follow along on 
INSTAGRAM @4_the_love_of_wood
where you get sneak peaks of what I am up to.

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