BLUE & WHITE RUG - for the livingroom

It didn't take long to find the rug we both agreed upon and loved for our living room.

Once I painted our shelving unit that sits in the living
 room in an amazing turquoise with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint,
 we knew that was the direction the room was headed. Then came the color of the chairs and upholstery,
followed by ... the rug.

Our search for the right rug for the bedroom took 3 months,
so we were well prepared for a length job finding the right
one for the living room. Little did we know the very first stop
 would have the perfect one we both fell in love with.
Yaaaa shopping over!

It goes so well with the color and feel we are working towards
in this room. It works with the new #ASsvenskaBlue Chairs and the #ASORIGINAL we used on other pieces. But that brings us to the next step, or shall I say "problem".
Our second love seat is just not going to work in
here anymore.

So we are going to have to sell it and find something that will
 work better. It is disappointing as it is super comfy and in
 wonderful shape. Because we live in less than 850sq. ft every
 piece we bring in has to be on the smaller size and she had
 perfect proportions for this room.

Watch for tomorrow's post on our new Coffee Table.

I painted the frame in #ASORIGINAL

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