Had we had a enough of our young travel companion after 3 days on the road all the way to Drumheller? It was time to head home and find out who would survive.

An hour and a half from Drumheller we were back in the city
 of Calgary. We stopped there to have lunch at a Red Lobster
and our young travelling companion got to hold a live lobster.
Where was the photographer when that was happening?

After a great lunch we hit the road again headed for the
 Rockies of Alberta. We drove into Banff to have a look and 
we were so over whelmed with the crowds of people we did a
 big U-turn and head back out of the village. On to our next
 stay for the night.

We reserved a site at Lake Louise Campground which is on the Bow River. 

 Then we drove up the mountain to actual see Lake 
Louise. It was not very warm out and it had started to
 sprinkle rain.

All the rivers we saw in the rockers were amazing colors of
 turquoise and now so was this glacier feed lake so we looked
 it up to see what caused it.

 A fine Silt, which is created when rocks underneath the surface of
 the ice are ground from the movement of the glacier. The rock 
flour is very light & stays suspended in the water. The sunlight
 then reflects off the rock flour and gives 
the waters their spectacular
turquoise color.

The weather turned as soon as we started to head down from
 the lake. Thunder and lighting hit, thank goodness we were
 at the head of the pack. Torrential rains started to fall as we
 drove into the small village of Lake Louise and parked the
 RV in a now flooding parking lot. Hopping between puddles
 each of us with our umbrellas over head, we headed to the
 hotel to find a bite to eat.

After a hot meal we retired to our camp site.
The whole night it poured rain with thunder and lighting
but our favorite place to be was right inside the motor home.
We have an aluminum roof on our rig and you have never
heard such a nice sound as when it rains on that roof. Last
 year in New Brunswick on the Fundy coast we got caught in a
 warm rain storm that we will never forget. Snuggled up on 
our beds looking out all three windows that surround us. It 
was so warm out that we even had the windows open during 
last year's storm.

The next morning we had nice hot showers at the
 campground facilities before heading out. The rivers were 
now running muddy brown from the storm over night.

Day 5 we spent at Three Valley Gap.
Family built and run for decades 3VG is a resort hotel in the 
mountains and at the edge of a lake. They have a restaurant
over looking the beautiful gardens and a carefully constructed
 ghost town to visit which is what we did most of the day.

At the end of the day we settled in at
Noah's Ark Campground
This campground is under new ownership and they are 
breathing new life into the old projects, like the ark shown
 below. The Ark building houses a frozen yogurt shop and 
would make for a great road side stop when travelling the 
highway in the Revelstoke area.

By now on this trip we had started to see the forest fire smoke
 lingering in the air. This photo below was taken at Mara
 Lake, you can barely see the hill behind.

We still had 2 more days of horse play before heading home
 so our next stop was The Enchanted Forest and all I can say
 is each of us had a blast at this place. They have a nice gift
 shop and you can feed the ducks before you leave but the 
funnest part was enjoying the whimsical little houses scattered
 in the forest. Adults can even fit inside of some of them. I
 know this adult fit inside of as many as she could.

After that we stopped at a place called the LOG BARN 1912
A wonderful place to shop for food and enjoy playful goats.
The Log Barn grounds are covered with large statues of all
 kinds, great for many photo opportunities.

After that stop we had two beach days swimming in the
 Okanagan. And finished up by visiting some friends in Lake
 Country and enjoying their new home. Today our thoughts
 are with our friend as the man of the family is heading out of
 town for work on a 4 month stretch.  

Thank you for your wonderful hospitality at the end of our vacation.
We all survived & had a great trip!


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