CHRISTMAS DECORATING 2017 - tree on wheels

I've had this fabulously
fun idea for a while
now ....

I used an old pram wheel base to create a unique look for out
Christmas tree this yearOur tree is from The Bay in
 downtown Vancouver. We got it many years ago and still
 love it each year when we bring it out. I did start with the
 handle attached to the pram but it was so cumbersome in
 our small space I took it off. All it took was to unscrew four
 nuts and bolts. So if I want to re-attach it I can. I used a long
 rectangular basket on top of the frame and a furry white
 blanket as a tree skirt.

This living room arrangement is new this fall and I am still
getting use to it but loving the new rug.

I'm hoping to do more decorating in this space
to share with you in the next year.


We have a smallish cedar tree outside our bedroom window.
I let it grew all year from Christmas to Christmas trimming it
 each year at this time for our evergreen garlands. I use a
green jute string to tie the branches together, making it
environmentally friendly for the compost once we are done
 with it.


I taped vintage sheet music over these art prints just
for the holiday season.



vintage switch plates

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