USING APPLIQUES ON FURNITURE - rustic french bedside cabinets

There they were sitting one on top of the other on
the side of the street, two little wood boxes covered in
banged up black paint. I was heading the opposite direction
when I first saw them and had to make a uturn to get
back to them. Destined for the landfill yet made of wood
they had to be saved. Each had a drawer and an open space,
to display cherished things. They had great bones for
upcycling into something new but I would need some
other important pieces to transform their look completely.

I started with new legs, stolen from other furniture.

Two wonderful antique pieces of hardware, one for each drawer.


And then came the appliques.

Appliques for the face of the drawers and appliques on the bottom.
The ones on the drawers are secured with finishing nails.
but the bottom appliques were secured very differently.

Between the legs was the perfect space for something, a medallion or embellishment of some kind.

I checked what I might have and found this in my Firstfinds Etsy inventory...

I used my jigsaw to cut it in half and trim the ends (above)
 so each half would fit snug between the legs like you see below.
That thing holding the applique is a clamp.

NEXT ...
I glued each half to a small pieces of wood so they could be attached to the bottom of
the cabinet easily. With the extra surface they could now be glued and/or screwed on.


They were painted with AS Pure White and waxed with AS Clear.
Then I antiqued them using AS Dark wax.

I usually do most of my distressing before waxing but with this project I continued to add to the
 distressing all the way through the waxing process. There are many layers of old paint on these
cabinet that add to the aged look on the edges and corners once it is exposed.

BEFORE                        AFTER


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