My mother has always used old suitcases to store all
sorts of things, and the smaller ones are very useful in
tight homes like mine. I don't have a lot of them myself
but I do use everyone I have. I store favorite magazines
in one and books in another. I have all the glitter and 
glue for Christmas projects in a third. All my packing
stuff for shipping is kept in a fourth one. I like using
them because I can easily grab the one I need and take
it to wherever I am working. When you stack them like 
I have done they work well as a side table and it looks
pretty cool too.

This cabinet seen below in a baby poo yellow was the next victim on the list
of things to get accomplished this month.

I recall seeing a large cabinet somewhere online that had white dishes displayed against a soft
 turquoise painted interior and this was where I was going to recreate that look.

It's hard to tell in the before and after photo but I did add legs to this cabinet.
They are different than the normal little cabriole legs I usually use but they were great little
carved legs on an old stinky landfill destined chair, so I saved them.


The cabinet exterior is painted in 50/50 AS Old White & Pure White, distressed, and clear waxed.
The interior is a kitchen counter mash up using some AS Florence, White, Cream, & Provence.
Sorry no recipe just get your hands dirty until you like the color you come up with.

The combination of colors feels very beachy but I wanted to keep it usable for different looks,
so I didn't choose nautical hardware but I did add some sparkle with glass faceted knobs.


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