MAKING YOUR PROJECT UNIQUE WITH WAX - paris dresser / tv sideboard

I've detailed how this dresser was made to look pretty
unique by using dark wax in certain places but I have
also explained how I did all the other steps by including
a half dozen links to some of my other articles to help
you achieve similar looks with your projects.

The first step to making over this interesting chest of drawers was to add
a set of legs and get it off the ground. The second step was to paint it with
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in a 50/50 mix of Old white & Pure white.

I did not have to fill the old hardware holes because the new plate pulls I chose
to use would cover them up, but I did have to drill new holes.

The top of the original piece had been well used and had some great texture that would
highlight well with dark wax. First the dresser was waxed with clear wax and then the next morning
 I started to dark wax the legs, middle drawer and top. You can see in the photo below how the dark
 wax settles in the the groves, divites, and scratches on the top surface.

The middle drawer is not wavy like the top and bottom, it is thick and flat. It gives the whole
piece a very unique look and is what drew me to want to work with it in the first place.
I edge distressed the body and drawers of the dresser with a 120 grit sand paper.


The silver metal fleur de lis on the middle drawer was something I found in a junk pile years
 ago and had to be flattened on the back side to attach to anything. A big thank you to my father for
 all the small metal working jobs I send his way.

The last step was the stenciling on the top drawer made
with one of The Passionate Home stencils I have and painted with AS Coco.

The reproduction plate pulls I used on this project are available to purchase here:


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  1. You inspire me and all your talent amazes me!!

  2. That turned out beautiful!. Where can I find that stencil?

    1. I got mine from The Passionate Home. It is a large/expensive stencil with many different words and symbols on it. You could contact them via their facebook page: