ART DECO VANITY TURNED NIGHTSTANDS - small space bedside cabinets

If you consider cutting up an old vanity for a
repurposing project just be cautions and think
through the process. In the end you have to fix
whatever damage is caused to the sides so
going slow in the beginning will help in the end.

This blond bombshell was not getting any second looks at the thrift store.


I think the most important thing to look for when taking furniture apart is to find all the screws used.
Screws can easily be removed with a driver but if you miss them they will cause
serious damage when pulling things apart. Nails are much more forgiving.
Here is some of the damaged areas on the sides being filled and painted.


The little Queen Anne legs added to the bottom were a yard sale find.
The scrolled parts used on the bottom front are cut plastic pieces from a thrift store 70's spoon rack.
They are pre-drilled and secured with small finishing nails.

The amazing hardware are genuine antique English pulls.
I adore them so much that the photo above is currently my cell phone's background picture.

These nightstands are drop dead gorgeous and perfect for a small space.




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1 comment:

  1. This is a great recycle, an indeed the pulls are fantastic! To my eye, in my humble op, the top of the table (which is plainly square) is a bit light in weight when compared to the heavy (fantastic) legs. Even tho it's original identity was a very chunky box, this is diminished by the legs + lower detail, and it kind of has... like my male neutered cat: a comparatively tiny head!

    I wonder if you might consider some side embellishment at the top - a cornice, even only at the side, to serve as a hold when moving (or even ornate handles to hang your glasses & cell on)? Just wondering if it makes sense to you; I am a lone designer in a sea of scientists, and I do miss sharing such ideas...