CHECKERED FUTURE - natural wood and white dresser

We've all heard the saying "Don't judge a book by
it's cover" well this 1920's dresser definitely proved
that statement true. The exterior was in nice shape,
well stained and polyurethaned, the problem
was inside ...  

Below you can see the BEFORE & AFTER side by side.
After 90 years of love, the drawers had worn out the inside of the dresser.

Here are 2 photos showing how the wood had been worn down. The left side is a runner inside the 
dresser body that shows a groove that has been formed over years of the drawer moving in and out. 
On the right is a photo of a drawer side and it too has been worn so badly the drawer starts to fall
inside of the dresser. 


Because these drawers ran on SIDE runners the fix was to build new runners UNDER the drawers. It
 took a few hours of measuring, cutting, and installing new hardwood runners for all the drawers but
 it got done. Below you can see how the interior looked before the work started and after it was 

BEFORE                  AFTER 

The checkered finish on this dresser was something I have been wanting to create for a long time.

Keep trying new things!!!

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