HOW TO PAINT FRET WORK - white display cabinet

How do you paint fancy wood fret work on a glass fronted
cabinet without getting paint on the glass? The first thing
to consider is taking the glass out. In many cases though 
the glass is secured so well into the door frame that more 
damage would be caused trying to remove it than it is 
worth. Today I'll share how I spray painted the fret work 
on my cabinet. This option works for brush painting also.

BEFORE                       AFTER

I painted this cabinet using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint so I also had to wax my fret work.

I have a short waxing video available to watch here:

I used newspaper ... 
folded into thin strips that would slip through the fret work holes.
For this cabinet it took 6 pieces of folded newspaper to cover all the areas of the glass. Then
 using smaller pieces of masking tape I taped around the edges and on the overlapping seems
of the newspaper. It didn't take long but patience is a virtue.

Good luck with your fret work project!


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