There are lots of ways to create a distressed
finish on painted furniture but I end up always
going back to my trusted sandpaper. While I
was working on these nightstands I took some
photos to share of the different look I get with
different grades of sandpaper.

I hand sanded with three sandpapers ....

220 grit is the smoothest I used, 120 is medium, and 80 grit is the coarsest or roughest

Below you can see the results of each grade when used on ASCP before waxing.
CLICK ON EACH PHOTO TO SEE A CLOSE UP (not the pin it button)

 I buy mine at Home Depot and if you noticed on the backs they are made in Canada and the USA

BEFORE                        AFTER


A good quality paper goes a long way.
It doesn't have to be super expensive but the assorted value pack that
you see at the flea market is a waste of money.


The are painted using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and her wax.
I have a short waxing video available to watch here:

Check out some close up photos after they were finished.


I hope this helps you with distressing with sandpaper.

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