What a mysterious combination of items to include in a blog
title eh? Well the Lilac's are in bloom (they smell amazing)
and I plucked a few for a photo shoot of my small space coffee/tea table. Now that those two items are cleared up let me explain about the scarey heart surgery bit.

My mother had heart surgery before the new year with multiple complications after and now more 
recently her sister has also undergone emergency heart surgery. Now the two monarchs of my family
 are being pampered and spoiled as they should be and some of the time I have needed to photograph
 and write about my projects has been consumed by the situation. They are both doing well and I
hope to visit with my aunt again shortly. And maybe just maybe projects and blog posts will get back
 to normal around this house again soon.

This is a small space coffee/tea table I've had for a few years.
It has served us well but I have big ideas for something new and different.

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