USING WALLPAPER ON FURNITURE - shelf reveal with a before & after

I moved into a little farm house years ago that had a super big
kitchen. The original cabinets were painted sunshine yellow
and someone added a navy blue celestial wallpaper on the upper
portion of the walls. It was HIDEOUS but that never discouraged
me against using wallpaper myself. When I'm out picking I find
wallpaper in every thrift store I visit and our Home Depot sends
old stock and damaged rolls to the local RESTORE. Wallpaper
is a perfect helper to revive vintage furniture and on this project
I used 2 different ones, in 2 different ways.

First I used a vintage blue floral wallpaper to line drawer bottoms.

The second kind of wallpaper I used was some beadboard wallpaper to cover the damaged backer
 board. The backer was a pretty solid piece of wood but it had small holes and cracks.
The beadboard paper is thick and can conceals imperfections on a surface. I found mine at a thrift
 store, it was a partial roll, but Home Depot should carry it and I'm told Lowes has it too.

I removed the whole backer board and applied the wallpaper in three vertical strips. I seamed the 
three strips behind the two uprights so you will never see an edge. Most wallpaper comes pre pasted
so I cut it to fit where I am applying it and then run the back side under the tap (warm water) to activate the glue. 

BEFORE                        AFTER

Keep your eye out for wallpaper you can use.

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  1. I had no idea that the backboard was wall paper. Is this something that you can get any where? Jo

  2. Love it! I found mine at Lowe's, thinking on using it on my backsplash!

  3. I am thinking of getting some beadboard wallpaper. Where did you get yours?

  4. Just gotta say that yours is one of my two favorite blogs. Never disappoints, beautiful work and I learn so much. Thank you.

  5. It's beautiful! What a transformation!

    I am your newest follower (and a new blogger) and I love it so far!

  6. Hi Kristy!!!

    It's been far too long between our visits!!

    I usually pick-up wallpaper at Walmark and at Hospice stores and such. I've picked-up wallpaper border as well and worked with it on furniture.

    Love popping by again!! Take care!!