ADDING BUFFET LEGS - beefing up the frame

Most of the time I have to pull out all my wood working
skills and sometimes even the swear jar to get some legs
install on furniture. While working on this buffet outside
in the warmth of last summer's sun I took several photos
to show how the frame was built and what I would have
to do so I could install a set of legs.  

I imagined a heavy duty set of carved legs added to this cabinet, just like the picture above.
I even had the perfect set sitting in a crate in my back room waiting for the right project
to come along. But first I would need to get underneath and see how this thing was built.
That is really the trick to adding legs to old pieces of furniture, how was it originally built?

As I tipped the cabinet up I start to freak out expecting to find water damage or MDF underneath
but once I laid her down on her back it was like a choir singing and the sun parting the clouds in the sky 
She was perfect and in great shape!

There was a solid thick frame of wood on three sides (#1), all I had to do was add another piece
of solid wood from side to side across the back (#2). This would strengthen the entire cabinet
and serve as the platform the legs would be installed on. 

I measured the length and off to my parts tent I went to find some lumber. The next stop
was at the chop saw to cut the new piece before screwing it into place. With a solid wood
frame on all four sides I could now screwed the wood legs onto each corner using 3 inch
long screws, four per leg. You can see the heads of all four screws in the photo below.

Adding legs to a small nightstand is one thing but lifting a large cabinet onto legs needs to be taken
 seriously and done right. In the future this cabinet could hold expensive items like a TV or heavy
 dishes and no one wants there to be an accident because the alterations weren't strong enough. This
 close up shot above shows you the thickness of the wood I worked with and the strength of the build.

These legs are solid wood and originally came from a living room side table that had a damaged top.

BEFORE                  AFTER

Another small addition that had an impact on the shape of the new buffet was an applique I used
 along the bottom front. I have a few more of them listed on FIRSTFINDS Etsy if you would like
to purchase one for your project. Click on this link:


Have you stopped into firstfinds hardware store lately?
Here are just some of the items available for your projects.

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  1. I absolutely love this!! The legs bring it into a whole new era. Beautiful!

  2. In white and with the legs it's beautiful, i like.....excuse me for my english....i'm french.

  3. Great job ! Love the look ! I took a nasty old chair off someone's hands and have kept it just for the front feet -- carved and wonderful ! I hope to use them on a similar project, so you give me inspiration with your outcome. How fun, too, that you have someone French getting your blog !!




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