CHANGING THE SHAPE OF FURNITURE - shabby white three drawer

Very rarely am I ever happy when I just paint furniture
to give it a new look. Every artist has something they
specialize in and enjoy doing. Sometimes when I look
at a piece of furniture I see a shape that it should be but
currently something is is distracting from it or missing.
These pieces are also broken or unusable the way they
are, which makes me want them more. It becomes my
job to recreate it for someone new to love. For this project,
a little three drawer cabinet. perfect for a little girl's room,
I added 4 different salvaged pieces to change it's shape.

 This was one of those pieces that most people wouldn't just toss out for no reason, it looked fairly
 handsome but the devil was in the details and none of the drawers worked. The first thing I did was
 to repair them and the roller mechs they glide on. Lots of spacing issues and screws missing. 
Then it was time to add 2 carved legs on the front, these were salvaged from a vintage sofa that was
 just too far gone. The other 2 pieces I added were the curvy wings you can see below attached to the
 sides. They are salvaged from another donor piece, some might recognize them as the apron from the
 bottom of a dresser.


I do not have a true before pic but this photo shows how different it looks after the sides are added.
BEFORE                     AFTER

This trick of adding something to the sides isn't always an option,
but thinking out side of the box is.

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  1. Adding the sides seemed to balance the piece. It came out great. I have 2 similar pieces. Now I'll have to look at them differently.
    Barbara Ann /shop /barbaraannscreations




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