BIG SOFT ROPE HANDLES - nautical beach dresser

I'm over the moon in love with this project. I finally got to
create some big fat nautical rope handles on a set of
drawers. And I'm here to tell you it took awhile to find nice
soft rope to use instead of thick prickly sisal that is
available everywhere. I went to a tack and feed store,
a boat store, every hardware store I could think of and finally
just gave up. Then one day when I was not looking there it
was right in front of me and you'll never guess where.

Michael's Craft Store had it hanging in an isle near the floral foam and glue sticks. It's not cheap
 either but a little extra cost doesn't usually get in the way of an amazing transformation or when you
 can use a coupon to get it at 40% off.

You can grip the handle right in the middle to pull open a drawer or reach out with
one hand on each knot to open the drawers, either way they glide open beautifully.



A tutorial on how to make these handles can be found at this link:

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