RE- PURPOSING DINING CHAIR LEGS - nightstand inspiration

I use all sorts of legs when I'm building and redesigning
furniture but did you realize sometimes I even repurpose
legs from dining chairs. I like adding short legs to nightstands
and other pieces of furniture usually because they only need
a small lift, but when I want to lift something much higher I
look to the legs on dining chairs. Not all dining chairs have
reusable legs but those that can be used look great
when reworked into my style of furniture.

These nightstands (BEFORE photo below) came with short legs already, so just imagine
how short the 2 drawers would be once the original legs were removed.

This chair (BELOW LEFT) had the perfect legs to make the difference needed for these nightstands.

These chairs had already donated their arms to a cabinet project I had finished.
If interested in seeing more of that project click here:
Each time I recreate and install a set of legs on a new build it's a challenge to make sure the install is
 strong and functional yet remains cohesive with style. The legs I added to my bedside tables were
also from dining chairs.
I hope this makes you think about repurposing and
 inspires you to create something for yourself that you love.

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  1. Wow, I can't believe the difference between the before and after! I never would have picked up those tables, they seem so mid-century modern (not my thing!), but they look beautiful with the new legs and paint finish. Well done :)

  2. thank you for the information