SPRING FLING II - annie sloan florence chalk paint

Once upon a time I painted a dresser
light turquoise, white, & green,
and named it the SPRING FLING
dresser. The color combination was
extremely popular and I was challenged
to recreate another dresser with a
complimentary look.

ORIGINAL SPRING FLING                                             SPRING FLING II
The turquoise color is Annie Sloan Florence added to Pure White.
Florence is so strong very little is needed to mix into a pot of white paint.

The earthy green is a color I made and sometimes used on George's Candles, no recipe at this time.
Here is some more of the detailed hand painting on SPRING FLING II.
I hope this inspires and offers some guidance if 
you want to try painting with ASCP Florence.

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  1. I love both! It is a great color.. You truly have a love for wood...It shows! Keep on creating beautiful things and colors..Blessings!

  2. I have a quart of Florence and it is nice to know I can make such a pretty light color if I want too! Thanks for sharing--the Spring Flings are both gorgeous!