Q&A - spray painting, upholstery, and sandpaper




What is the material used for this chair? Was this chair's paint sanded? Was all this gray and burgundy Annie Sloan paint?

The material is drop cloth from the paint store. The paint is sanded, and not waxed. The burgundy is an acrylic craft paint and the gray is ASCP Graphite.
I have started to spray and I could not get the paint to look smooth (as opposed to little dots) even after a few coats. Then I went to sand the piece, as I sanded it back, it looked like polka dots all over. Do you have any idea what I might be doing wrong?
You should be getting a super smooth finish after the first coat. Little dots sounds like your paint is too thick for your nozzle. The paint isn't flowing smoothly as opposed to the air pressure spitting the paint out. Put just warm water in your pot and see how it comes out.


What grit of sandpaper do you use for your light distressing on chalk paint?
I use a 220 sandpaper for light distressing before waxing.


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