MAKING A MAGNETIC CHALK BOARD - repurposing a broken mirror

I was asked to create a horizontal message center with a magnetic chalk board. Just about that time I had a tall mirror shatter in it's frame.

This is the message center I built using the old frame.
I had already painted, distressed, and waxed the frame so it
 would have been a shame to throw it away just because the
 mirror broke.


Because we wanted the chalkboard to be magnetic I had to
 use metal for that part. My father is a welder/fabricator so
 that was easy for me to source. The chalkboard paint comes
 in a spray can from Home Depot. The cork was purchased
 at the craft store and cuts easily with scissors or a knife. Both
 the metal and cork were attached to the thick backer board
 that was original to the mirror frame. I also used some extra
 molding to add a dividing liner vertically between the cork and metal.

I used a metal cabinet bin pull mounted on the frame upside down for a chalk holder 

I used two *D* rings on the back of the frame to hang the message center on the wall

I used cabinet pulls in the shape of skeleton keys to create magnets and stick pins.
image 0image 0

 I used hot glue to secure strong magnets to the back of the knobs as well as hot glue to secure a thin finishing nail sunk into the screw hole to create the stick pins.

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