When I need to ship something
in a box I prefer to recycle an
old box but then I have to use
brown paper to cover all the
labels on the box. This doesn't
seem like a very green
alternative. I've learned I can
turn most boxes inside out.

The shoe box I used in these photos was simple, I deconstructed it by undoing all the flaps,
folds, and tabs, turned it over and reconstructed it backwards. Some boxes you have to undo
a glued seem but you just turn it inside out and tape it back together, NO PAPER NEEDED.

 Give it a try next time you need to ship something.
Another free tip:
Canada Post has the best packing tape I have ever used in my life,
and I have run 2 different warehouse so I know about packing boxes and shipping.
You can find it easily at the SHOPPERS DRUGMART post offices.

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  1. I do the same thing! I told my postal lady at the desk that I was doing that and she said that was fine...but that it really didn't matter. You can put a label on ANY BOX and mail photos, art work and all. They just don't like things marked out with black out looks suspicious. But like you, I would rather have a pleasingly plain box than a marked up, commercial -having-nothing- to-do- with-what- I'm- shipping- box!
    great tips.
    Oh! I have also been following your little short burst posts about the ongoing furniture do-overs. I love them. I wish I could keep my posts short...but as you can see, I CAN'T EVEN KEEP MY COMMENTS SHORT. HA!

  2. I do this too! Love the ones that have the flaps and tabs. Makes it so easy.