I've mentioned my storage box spring a few times over the years and every time I do I get asked
more questions about it so I figured it was time to offer my thoughts on owning one.
The short and sweet answer is ...
I love it! Best furniture purchase I have ever made!
Hidden under this unassuming well made bed is all my Christmas storage.
And it's easily accessed by a looped nylon strap at the end of my bed.
Check it out!!!
After I moved the last time I was fed up with my useless box spring. I wanted to get rid of it and
 have some kind of platform bedframe instead. Box springs take up so much space in a small home
 and I wanted to reclaim the space for storage. I learned about these new and amazing storage box
springs and had to have one. When closed they look like any normal box spring and your mattress
sits on top of it.
I have a super heavy Tempurpedic mattress and the lifting shocks hold it up just fine.
For those of you thinking about getting one I hope I have offered some insights.
Use the search words *HYDRAULIC STORAGE BED* when looking.

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