FURNITURE MAKE OVERS - before and after 1

All the wonderful BEFORE & AFTERS you are about to see look so amazing in person,
and the students that preformed the work were outstanding.

How many of you would like to attend a furniture makeover weekend?
Well the PR Guy here and the LNT Group in Merritt coordinated that exact thing,
and I was the chosen teacher.

we added drawer stops, learned some bled blocking tips, and added a graphic transfer on this dresser
18 students, some with multiple projects, 2 days, almost every tool I own,
and with years of experience we gotter done!

it was stripped, cleaned, painted grey, clear waxed, then dark waxed. It is off to the upholster soon!

The week before the class, students started to email photos and ideas of that they would like to do.
When this chair's BEFORE pic showed up George started to panic, but I wasn't worried in the least.

vintage high chair painted in a cherry red was heading back to Prince George to be a display piece in a floral shop
 We traveled over 2 hours to get to our destination but some ladies traveled much farther to join us.

simple vintage chair given a new life with a light turquoise spray, sanding, and waxing.
We did lots of color mixing and I showed students how to thin and strain paint for spraying.
Any one who wanted to try their hand at using the paint gun could also try it out. 

coordinating wallpaper was added in the back and you can see more of the detail of this cabinet now that it is lighter
We wallpapered and waxed, we stripped some pieces, we stained a few pieces,
we painted and polyed, but best of all ...

 I had a blast running non stop repairing things, adding things, making suggestions,
and simply helping everyone leave with a beautiful new pieces of furniture they would be
proud to display in their homes.


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