BACON AND POTATOES - pantry unit

GG and I had a nice long weekend, we got away on a couple day trips and I did a little painting., I re-arranged an entire room that I will share soon, and got some photos taken of a new pantry unit.

I always have a ton of ideas running through my head and
 this unit was pulled out to try another. However that went
 south when I realized the measurements of the unit fit the
 needs one of my customers has for a kitchen piece.

The graphics used on this pantry unit were made from
a pair of old grocery store produce signs I found on-line.

It started as a 70's maple china cabinet.

I altered the upper part quite a bit to provide the open shelving needed for dry goods storage.

This pantry unit was painted in ASCP Old White and waxed
 with Minwax Natural. The interior is painted in a grey mixed
 from ASCP colors. The graphics were hand painted with jet
 black acrylic paint. The drawer handles and door pulls are 
reproduction glass.

I hope you like the outcome as much as I do!

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