It can happen to you ...
This is the kind of thing that can happen in the blink of an eye!
It happens to the best of us even when we take precautions.
You're sitting quietly one morning reading a magazine and you turn the page and gaze upon a photo
that starts the wheels turning in your head and before you know it the kitchen island is covered with 
your next project and in my case it was a collection of lamps.
I went mad with the idea to finally making new ones with all the parts after looking at 1 pretty picture.
You all know the scene and nice clean kitchen turns into bedlam all because you decided to take a
 moment for yourself.
Ornate lamps at the second hand stores around here are not that cheap so I'm not sure why
I am constantly trying to save them when I only work with them a couple times a year.
Storing them takes a great deal of room but I do enjoy when I can rebuild beautiful new ones.
I took apart each lamp washing the glass bits in the sink as I went.
The metal parts were all taken outside to get sprayed white.
By the end of the day I was out of white spray paint and I had several glass cuts to my hands.

 I also ran out of my lamp shade trim but not before finishing these 2 chandelier lamps.
I will have more coming soon but I have more wiring to do and some trim to find.

These 2 are not completely identical, but a close second.
One is taller and the shade is slightly wider than the other.

All the crystals are glass and the bases are marble.
They are 100% recycled from other lamps.

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