Most of my current project are all still in some unfinished state but I do want to share with you
what happened earlier today.
Cue the photographic evidence ...
that's what you get MDF
While backing out of the driveway some one's tire caught the edge of this
dresser and demolished it in a split second. I had just got out of the shower and was in a bathrobe when I heard the commotion. As I'm flying out the door to find out what has happened I hear a familiar voice calling my name.
In George's defence we had so many other furniture pieces to move yesterday
and quite a few other things to deal with I forgot to get the dresser moved off the driveway. 
Most ppl who have met George know how wonderfully friendly and kind he is.
Here are a few more facts about George ...
- He's college educated with a bachelor's degree
and originally from New Brunswick (east coast) where he worked for NB Power for 23 years
- He's coached hockey most of his adult life and took teams on tour to Europe
- Early in his teens the NHL were scouting him but he liked playing in a band more.
- He lost his father in a plane crash over 30 years ago.
- He's been a director on 2 non profit boards here in Vancouver
- He donates to charity every chance he gets and especially at Christmas
- He was a business man wearing a suit most days before I met him.
- He had never been to a yard sale before me and now he brings home roadside treasures.
3 of the furniture pieces he was helping me move yesterday were these large dressers
I was painting for a local extreme makeover.
I also had a couple of photon shoots to get through including this vintage country display cabinet,
and this outdoor bedroom scene.
The weather has been amazing and hot so I'm spreading out and have projects all over
which is taking away from my time to write about each of them for you.
The photos are all being taken and I'll be able to
show you the ins and outs of most of them when the weather turns.
As for the the dresser ...
I have less demolishion to do and most importantly George is forgiven.


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