SECOND HAND FURNITURE LEGS - tiffany blue dresser

Easter weekend was filled with sunshine here in Vancouver. Lots of yard work and a great deal
of spring cleaning was accomplished. I'm still trying to find time to sift through all the
emails from the weeks I was sick at the same time make up for all the missed work.
The last item I purchased before getting sick was this brown woodland vintage chair,
Isn't it amazing! ... that is sarcasm.
I bought it to show you how all the sculptural pieces of wood could be reused in different ways
and besides the chair its self was gross ... that is not sarcasm.
I used the arms of the chair as front legs on a 4 drawer maple dresser
that was sitting flat on the floor when I purchased it second hand.
I have already written an article about adding the chair legs to a bedside cabinet
which you can catch up on here:
Always remember to think out side of the box,
when something isn't desirable as a whole, concentrate on the parts that attracted you to it.
This Tiffany Blue and White dresser has an antique finish using
distressing, dark wax, and some other paint techniques.

I used vintage hardware and took photos for a tutorial on what to do when your mounting
screws are too short. That will come out later this week.


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  1. Love it! The legs make such a difference!

  2. I was just looking at a chest with a glass door that is in my bathroom and thinking it would make a nice apothecary cabinet, but that it should be higher. I have some arms off a chair in the garage, now I'm gonna take a peek and see if they would work to raise the cabinet up on legs. You genius you.


  3. ....and this is why I love your work!!!!! Awesome! Never a dull moment!

  4. I just found your blog through the MMS link party, I LOVE IT. I've set you up on my reading list in blogger. I'm also in the northwest, in Idaho. My stuff isn't nearly as good as yours, I just started revamping furniture about a year ago, but check out my blog if you would like at

  5. That blue is gorgeous! And the work on the handles is amazing.

  6. you are sooooo incredibly talented! I love everything that you do!

  7. You blow me away with your "think out of the box" mentality. Who would have thought? Just beautiful.