WEATHERED WHITE WASH LINK - silvered console

This chandelier was a donation from someone hoping I could do some magic with it.
It is in quite bad repair, bent metal, frayed wires, and rusty bits yet has a certain appeal.
Shortly after it came home and I sprayed it down with the garden hose I knew I wanted to
use it in styling a photo.
This whole console was painted in layers. My focus through winter has been to play
with my paint finishes more and I'm having fun doing it, sort of. Finding the right balance
of color to enhance shape and technics to achieve age aren't always easy.
 Besides I just don't have the space to do
all the demo and rebuilt I like to in my little back room.

I sprayed the entire table in FRENCH LINEN. It's a strong grey with just a hint of green.
I then brush painted the base and column legs in OLD WHITE
before distressed it back to the FRENCH LINEN and the darker wood underneath.

The top was the fun part and it is actually darker in person than these photos!
I worked with streaking white and grey and dark wax
over and over until I got a natural sun weathered warn board look.
I do have a popular tutorial on achieving a similar weathered white wash finish here.
It's an older post using primer but there are some valuable tips that can be applied to
similar applications.

Here is the before and after photos ...

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  1. I love this! It would look perfect in my living room :) NICE.

  2. honestly?? i admire you and your work and you have no idea how i wait each time to your newsletter
    thanks a lot
    Hadas -Israel

  3. Kristy, what a transformation, gorgeous table. I love the weathered look on top, beautiful. hugs Tobey

  4. Hi Kristy!!!

    I absolutely love this table!!! The before and after pics are amazing!!!

    Once again you've shown us how one mans unwanted can be transformed to
    everyone's wanted!!


  5. Kristy,

    What a beautiful transformation-I too refinish treasured and worn pieces-however, I am learning so much from you!

  6. I love how you finished this piece, it's very pretty! - Susan

  7. You can't beat a good before and after and this one does not disappoint! Wow. You did a great job. What a treasure!

  8. Gorgeous! I have a chandy like that, too. It's awesomely rusty. :)

  9. Je viens de découvrir votre blog qui est magnifique. Je songe à utiliser cette peinture et en voyant vos projets cela me donne encore plus l'envie de l'essayer. Félicitation!

  10. That's a very pretty piece! I like how you left it grey on top.

    I like the chandelier too, I'm imagining it being used as-is, with candles on the it's shabby look.