DREAMING OF THE SEASIDE - blue clock and console

I'm certainly in the mood for a vacation it seems. Dreaming of the blue ocean waters, the sound of the shore birds, and my favorite sea shells.

So instead of packing our bags I'm painting and
decorating in the seaside cottage theme.

This table and clock shown below were both painted
 in custom mixed blues over a chippy white finish. The base
 color is ASCP Provence with whites and browns added.

To achieve a similar look:
you need a good thick white paint layer base (dry)
then chip large areas of the white off with a metal tool
 creating potholes in the finish
metal chips paint well


Once you have a horrible looking cow patchwork of missing
 white paint, cover that with your blue color and once dry
 sand back the areas you chipped the white away this will
highlight the potholes and show the surrounding edge in a
 halo of white giving you a pretty time warn, beach weathered feel.

The table is just deep enough to use as a laptop
desk if needed or it will be an amazing entry piece.

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