**VOICES IN MY HEAD** - provincial dresser overhaul

Not quite every project I do works out for the best the first time around.
I took a boring flat standard dresser and made it into a funky map drawer chest.
**Oh I'm so excited I would adore a piece like this myself, someone is going to love it**
Getting style, function, and aesthetics right is a daily challenge.
Unfortunately this one confused ppl!
**It would appear if it looks like it has 12 drawers ppl want 12 drawers? ... what's up with that**
**Maybe if I had finished it in a rustic Restoration Hardware wood tone someone might have bought it**
In the mean time someone asked to purchase the handles ...
**sure why not!**
After all I did spend countless hours sitting on the lawn lining every inch
of the drawers with music paper, just so I could sell the handles**
Revamp number 2 ... swap a dozen handles.
**Great ... these don't look right either, am I going crazy?**
Well no worries I stole them from the Etsy shop and what do you know
someone wanted to buy these ones too.
Revamp number 3 ... swap another dozen handles.
**Christmas is coming, new photos have to be taken,
descriptions need to be altered, and I'm getting tired.
Calm down, the hardware looks great photographed on it**
**If it doesn't find a new home over the holidays something drastic is going to happen!**
It is not easy coming up with multiple choices of 12 handles over and over and the dresser
has a very provincial look with the cabriolet legs so I decide to do a complete reface to make
a French Provincial dresser.
** NO!! I don't want to use any of my frenchy handles, they're mine all mine**
I trimmed each drawer so they looked like single drawers and added handles.
**It's a great dresser.**

**It has lovely lined drawers too**

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