WHITE WAXING (NEW TIP) - blue nightstands

Somewhere along this journey of mine I learned about coloring your wax with ASCP. 
 I have played with it on a few projects in the past but not to great extent.

Before stepping out to try this technique I do suggest it is best to get a good handle on regular waxing first.

Quite simply you added a small amount of paint color to a small amount of wax and mix it together.
It can add so much depth and style to any project.

These elaborate little beauties got a serious make over with a final coat of whitened wax.

Next time I will show you the details that went into building what I have nicknamed
*The Blue Paris Beauties*

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  1. Your nightstands look great. Good job painting them. I am just going to have to get myself some annie slone paints. Smiles, Susie

  2. Hey hope you had a fun Thanksgiving! Heavens Walk blog gave a cool recipe that includes odorless mineral spirits with the wax and Annie's paint. Tried it with graphite on old white and it was easy and more like a glaze, so easier to put on and wipe off. Have a lovely Autumn week, we had frosts every morning down here in Skagit County near Mt. Vernon.

  3. I love how these look. Now that I have a local place to get ascp I am going to have to try it out :)

  4. Your timing is perfect,I was just wondering today if it was possible to color the wax like that, definitely going to try it.Your nightstands are wonderful.

  5. Just AWESOME! I have not been on in forever! But here I am peeking around your site and still you never cease to amaze me! (wink)

  6. Oh my word these are gorgeous. Can't wait for part 2.

  7. White wax? I have never seen this done before. What a genius idea! I have tinted my wax to make it darker, but never white!

  8. Okay I have a silly question? You painted the entire piece blue, and all the white detail we see is the wax? You did not paint any of the detail white beforehand? They look amazing!!!