THE BIG JOB - buffet and hutch

Holey plate rail Batman, this hutch has 3 levels with a rail on each.
Doing large pieces like this are not very common for me,
I just don't have the space or back to pull it off.
I had my challenges starting this project 3 days before overhauling our bedroom living space.
It was solid, had a lot I could work with and could be used in so many different ways.
I could have just finished the bottom and used the top for parts but I liked the look of these
pieces together and knew together they would make an amazing show stopping statement.
The two pieces are painted in pure white, then I hand applied clear and dark wax
to the exterior to give it a antique white finish.
The interior was finished in clear wax leaving a cleaner bright finish.
The secret to getting the interior of cabinets painted well and waxed is to take the back panels off.
It is much easier to get into all the corners with both the paint and waxes,
and you can finish the back panels much nicer when laying down on a flat surface.

 I removed the 2 middle doors and added a scalloped trim to the top frame.

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