LEARNING HOW TO WAX - white tall dresser

Our last workshop was another fun day with lots of projects, questions, answers,
and George's catered lunch.
We had a wonderfully sunny hot day and by the late
afternoon it was time to grab a bottle of water, pull up a chair, and a paint brush
to put some theory to the test.
We painted this antique oak mirror with ASCP Duck Egg blue and used some dark wax
to age and accent around the carved applique.
We started the day with drawer repairs, filling holes, and learning the ins and outs of
the paint sprayer. Then I let my ladies loose on a couple of my newly painted white chairs to
learn how to distress and be comfortable with it.
We also went through the steps needed to wax the textured surface of the chair backs
and how to get this silky soft and shiny smooth finish
using minwax natural furniture wax on this chest of drawers below.
I always lay out many projects at different stages for each of my workshops
and we generally only get to work with each for a short period of time,
leaving me with many things to sort out later.
The chairs are finished and now so is the dresser.
I reupholstered all the chair seats with new foam and a neutral fabric.
These are some comfy seats now!
Light distressing brought out the marvelous details on the dresser during waxing.
So the drawers are beautiful inside and out with all the decorative bits
and the eclectic mix of vintage french provincial handles.


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