reclaimed furniture decor

I wanted to share a few more items I have reclaimed out of all my bits and pieces
saved from my furniture escapades.

First are these fun beach themed wall hangers, does anyone recognize what they are made from?
They have metal star shaped knobs to hang from, i.e. towels, keys, coats.
If I had a poolside that's where they would be hanging now.

One of my favorite reclaimed items is the plaster molding hooks.
As promised over on our FACEBOOK page I completed some with vintage glass door knobs.

An finally another large set of pillar candle holders, painted and distressed in bright white and
built from bed parts, drawer faces, and embellished with Fleur DE Lis.

Many ppl that are not local have asked how to
purchase some of these smaller items, we are dabbling in opening an Etsy shop to provide anyone with the ability to purchase some of the smaller items I reclaim.

I will keep you informed.

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