HOW I BUILT A SOFA TABLE - using reclaimed items

When GG got home from work he couldn't figure out what I had done that day. Turns out what I had built looked so much like something I had already done he could tell the difference. Let's take a look ...

NEW  PROJECT                           OLDER PROJECT  

I really like building console tables because I get to use all the
 wonderful vintage pieces of wood I have collected over time.
 The name of my blog "4 the love of WOOD" really comes
 from a true passion for wood and wood working. Every chance I get to grab another piece of discarded wood I am over the moon happy to add it to my collection. 

This new table was made with four main piece
that were all reclaimed wood parts.

The first are the legs, which came from a set of bed posts.

The end caps (above) are from dismantling some dresser drawers (below).


The wood top (above) was part of a vintage desk (below).

And the decorative front piece was from a 100 year old dresser.
I had already turned that dresser into a change table,
now it was being reincarnated once again.

This is my nephew and his change table I made ...

The giraffe was painted by my talented sister,
I have to admit I'm not the only one in the family 
with an attention to detail. 

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