SHE'S A PRETTY SECRETARY - pink secretary desk

She sure is a looker!

I started with a much shorter 
version and designed and built
the top. Come see the before
picture and read about how
I created the finished look.

I built the upper portion for this simple maple secretary using
 two discarded cabinet doors, and some lumber from a 
kitchen table I recent stole the legs from. It is secured with
 metal rods on the back side and can be unscrewed to separate.

The hardware is ANTIQUE with protectors on the inside of
 the drawers. A metal cap fits over the post and nut to protect
 the drawer contents.

She has a larger then average pull down at 16" deep,
that's why I chose this piece to work with.

The pink is a blend of pure white and emperors silk ASCP and
waxed with minwax natural. Everything displays great 
against the soft pink, and it's a fun color to have peeking 
through the glass doors.

Now to get working on that interior.

And before you go have a look at 
some of the unique hardware pieces available at


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