DIFFERENT LOOKS - euro tall dresser

This post is all about different finishes and how they change the look.

These 4 highboys are all the same dresser. Each of them look good but offer a different feel.

The Original French Provincial gold and white of the 60's

Beautiful soft aqua blue
Country Antiqued Finish

Antiqued Finish with dark accents

See how the darker wood and the dark hardware change the look significantly
Painted hardware given an aged look

Semi Gloss Black vs. Distressed
(This is also a sneak peak at tomorrows post)

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  1. Thank you so much for posting how different finishes can change how a piece looks. It helps us know what do to to achieve a certain finish ourselves.

  2. Love to see the difference in the finishes...thanks for showing some different ideas.. Not sure which is my favorite,,, but I love them all!!

  3. Oh Kirsty ...perfect timing have a client that wants a dresser just like that...off I go to available!
    Hey so glad you bought the terrier piece...glad it went to a good home!
    Its a cutie....Thanks for dropping by & hope to see you @ Fieldstone...you should be there sellling!