PEARLS FOR A CHANDELIER - chandelier beading tips

This time around I'm using pearls to bead a chandelier.
I want to drape it with tonnes of beads and in the hopes it looks stunning but you
won't find it finished here. I've only been working on it a couple hours and they
take a long time to finish.

I want to offer some tips as I know one or two of you want to try this yourselves.

Organize your beads, these little suckers like to bounce all over the place.
Anticipate if one slips out of your fingers where will it fall to.
I use a shaggy rug underneath to catch them rather then listening to beads
bounce their way under the furniture or down the hall for George's feet
to find in the dark of night on his way to the bathroom.

Keep track of how many of each you have so you're not short before you string that last bead.

Trial and error I figure out the look I want by holding different patterns of
strung beads up to the chandelier before finally committing and tieing it off.

I have a hook in the ceiling where I hang my chandelier to work on.
I use a long piece of chain so I can sit in my office chair while working
at a comfortable height. 

The chandelier can be raised up when I'm not working on it.
When ever I have some spare time in the evening I can sit
down string some more beads while listening to what ever
George has decided to watch on TV.

I also have a hook out side where I can hang the chandelier
to be painted.

Heads up for all those local followers and subscribers
George has decided this Saturday we are having a

His 2 daughters are coming to visit soon and we need to lighten the load around here.
I still have quite a bit of *stuff* hanging around from years ago
that needs a new home as well as time to clear out many
furniture pieces that I'm never going to get to.
I'll post more about it over the next days.

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