REINDEER MOSS AND ITALIAN FRAMES - topiary,florist, kitchen, nephews

First I want to tell you about a great little florist in South Surrey.

I get the opportunity to pop in now and then when I'm riding with George while he's working.

The owner and staff are some of the friendly ladies I've ever encountered.

They not only sell the most beautiful flowers but home decor items,

candles, body lotions, vases, special order furnishings, and more.
You have to pop in and see for yourself. I usually don't leave without something special.

If you live in South Surrey or White Rock and you order flowers from them
for deliver, your delivery driver most definitely will be my George.

They have galvanized buckets full of quality flowers to choose from,

and quite often the counter is brimming with custom made, one of a kind mini arrangements.
The kind you should splurge on every now and then just for your bedside.

That brings me to my MOSS TOPIARY.
I found REINDEER MOSS at Passions
and had to make new topiary for the kitchen. 

I love the smell of the moss and the bright color if offers.

See the cast iron mouse, another find at Passions. It's a door stop.

I picked up a tired, worn out topiary at a yard sale.
I stripped off all the old stuff and simply hot glued the new moss in place.
I do spray it with water once a week to keep it fresh.

And finally a couple of the vintage Italian frames I collect got a very good use.
Our grocery chalk board is the best thing to happen since slice bread.
My father supplied the metal so we could have a magnetic chalk board.
So now my nephews school pics look great.
Hey sis, call the boys over and show them they are now celebrities.

Be sure to check out:

#11 3268 King George BLVD
Alder Crossing Shopping Mall

Right by Choice's Market 

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