A HUSBAND, AN ANTIQUE, AND A POST CARD - aqua chest of drawers

Just a quick peek for you.

George bought a little antique dresser last week and very
excitedly arrived home with it in his van anxious to show me.

Looking at it in the back of the van, I have to admit
 I was perplexed because it looked nice as is.
 I had assumed it was for me to work on.
He knows my motto
"if it's not broke don't fix it"

It had rich color in the wood, beautiful hardware
 but once I get closer I realized how short it was,
 at about 27". We have been looking for a special
 piece for ourselves to fit along a low window.
Now this started to make sense, however it also has
 to be very shallow which this was not at 20" deep.
i love you george
 I have been toying with the idea of turquoise
 and now I have to come up with a plan to refurbish
 the thing.  Of course the first thing was
 to put some casters back on it to give it a bit more
 stature. Then George shows me some repairs that it
 needed. The insides of the cabinet and drawers
 definitely would benefit from attention. The top
 surface varnish was bubbled all over.
Okay this is sounding better, I like to be needed.

But I didn't have a clear vision and it was sitting in the middle of my work space and something
had to happen. The top couldn't be painted without being stripped.
If I have to strip it I want to stain it dark walnut. That's a start! That will go with turquoise.
So I removed the top to take outside to do the dirty work.
When removing it I found something, half a post card stuck
 between the frame and the top.

Addresser was:
Mr David Brown
1256 Davie St.
Vancouver BC
It reads "arrived at _____ johston. He is a big boy,
 was asking for you. The picture on this card is the
 hotel I stayed at in NY"
signed: "Father"

 See the post mark?


Okay now back to the dresser

 Trial and Error ....
I finally ended with something I adore ... 

Let me know what you think ....

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  1. I was thinking, no don't do it, then really no at the mid photos but the ends was fABULOUS.. I LOVE it and would want it in my place, great job!!

  2. That is SOOOOOOOOOOO cool!! 1919!! I love stuff like that! The chest is beautiful!

  3. Wow is that every pretty. Great job.


  4. Great story, it turned out perfectly! I love the postcard!!

  5. Absolutely beautiful! And how old it must have been? 1919, wow. :)

  6. It was nice before but now looks more...youthful!! The post card was bonus! Love it!

  7. the dresser turned out beautiful love how the drawers are different than the cabinet and the top is stained.. love it

  8. all that work, and yes, you finally achieved the perfect look for this piece! it's gorgeous and the hwardware is perfect!

  9. Love it! You did a great job!

  10. I love it, beautiful job!

  11. This is so beautiful! I am a new follower! Come check out my painted furniture!

  12. I really like the way it turned out! What color of paint did you use? I really like the color!!

  13. ANSWERS:

    Jenny - I was hoping I wasn't asked about the color cause I mixed it myself as I went. I used a sky blue, dark turquoise, and white.

  14. Great transformation and a wonderful story!

  15. Thanks for the info! What brand of paint did you use?

  16. This is very pretty. I love the dark top. So interesting that you found that post card.


  17. This is just stunning. I love the color, knobs, and the dark top. It was worth every bit of trial and error. Gorgeous!

  18. nice job - love the color! xoox, tracie

  19. It came out great. I loved that you found the postcard in the dresser, how cool is that? Kristy, you won my wallpaper giveaway too! Send me an email (amymaisondecor@gmail.com) with your email address so I can let the store owners know!

  20. LOVELY!! I just LOVE IT! And how fabulous to find that post card. Thanks for sharing this!

  21. That is beautiful. I could have never envisioned it would look that way.

  22. Wonderful story, but after all that I thought you were going to decoupage the torn postcard on the top corner. I love it's new look! Amazing. Maybe decoupage the post card on the bottom of a drawer and first make a copy of the written side to decoupage as well. That way, when you open a drawer, the memory of this story can be remembered or told over and over again!

  23. I just love how it turned out and the color is amazing!!

  24. i love it! turned out great. thank for sharing this at my party!

  25. hiya , love how this turned out , you were right to go at it again , tfs am visiting from amaze me monday and your newest follower , hope you pop by mine and follow me too

  26. what a sweet man to bring this home for you.

  27. Oh it's BEAUTIFUL! I just love how these trial and error projects turn out sometimes. And the post card had my heart all a flutter, that is so neat! I just love finding stuff like that. WOW. I would be delighted if you would link this up to my VIP party Friday =)
    Cheers! Sommer

  28. After scanning your sidebar I had to follow you so I knew where to come back and look! You have some fabulous work!

  29. Wonderful project! Thanks so much for linking up to this weeks VIP Party =)

    Cheers! Sommer

  30. Your final result looks so much like what I want to do with a dresser I got for FREE! What techniques did you use? It is so pretty!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  31. love this little dresser and i love the finish you gave it.

  32. I am a genealogy researcher and have several postcard Christmas cards. I have found records of the people involved and my favourite was the one from a 7 year old boy to the 9 year old girl down the street from him. Major crush I think.
    From what I can see by enlarging the photo is that it says Wm. Johntson, Wm. being the abbreviated form of William.

  33. A HUSBAND, AN ANTIQUE, AND A POST CARD - aqua chest of drawers
    Can you please tell me exactly what you did to this dresser? Did you paint the whole dresser in Aqua and then antiqued the front? I LOVE it. Can you give me a how to on this dresser?
    Thank you