DON'T LIMIT YOURSELF - filling tutorial

I've read in the past some ppl don't change hardware during their painting
revamps because they don't know how to get a clean smooth finish for their paint.
No more excuses, simply start by filling your holes.
 Make sure it goes deep inside and mounts up on the outside.
Your creating a plug or a base to do the fine filling.
 After 30 minutes cut the tops off.
We'll see little air pockets in the hardend filler.

 Now refill.

Push your finger gentley into the filler and spread it out as seen above right.
Do not push your finger thru to the surface.
You're only trying to fill the little air bubble created by the first filling.

 After 30 minutes sand 150 grit. Always sand too much, it is easier to add more then to take away
once you have started painting.

 Do it again.
Fill, spread, wait, sand.

The actual work takes no time. Just the drying time. 

 Here you can see how it has filled in all the imperfections around the hole created by
the neck of the knob bitting into the wood.

 Another trick is to prime or paint after the first or second filling.
This offers you a greater visual as to how much more filling might be needed.
You can fill, spread, and sand after priming or painting with ASCP.

The key is to be patient and re-apply the filler as needed.

Is this tutorial going to be helpful to you?
Have you been successful at filling hardware holes?
Have you not been so successful?

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  1. I think somewhere I missed the product you use to fill the holes.


  2. This is a big help, thank you! Have a great day!

  3. Just what I need. Thanks for posting. I bought a spice rack at a local thrift store this weekend that is dinged up a bit. I figured I could use some filler and paint. I haven't used filler before, so you post is just what I needed :-)

  4. Great tutorial I have a few dressers I'm going to attack as soon as we move in May so this helps me feel assured that I can change over the hardware without it being noticeable!

  5. this was really helpful. i've been afraid to change the hardware just like you talked about. this has inspired me to attempt a change!

  6. how about filling on wood you dont plan on painting but stining instead? what is a good woodfiller that is stainble but stains well. i have tried "stainable wood filler" and it rarely stains well, often making the original holse so visable it would have been better to never fill it at all.

  7. I have a dresser whose hardware I want to keep, but the existing holes are all worn, making the hardware loose. Is there a way to fix that (I will be painting the dresser). Thanks!


    SHELL - Wood putty comes in all sorts of wood colors, you can get the color that matches best with you intended final results or I have used felt markers, browns and reds to color white filler. You know the kind we all used in school. It has worked very well.

    CHANDEEN - You could do the filling as I described then drill thru it, however I would instead use a washer front and back. You could find just the right sized ones at your local hardware store so that they are almost not noticable from the front. Definetly use a washer inside the drawer either way you choose to repair it. Opt for the thinest you can get so you can still use your original fastening bolt/screw and don't have to get longer ones due to the extra length caused by the thickness of 2 washers. Also you could just fill your old worn holes and repostition your handles to a 1/4 higher, into newly drilled holes.

  9. Great idea to put this on your blog - great help. I was told, many years ago, that you can add a golf tee to the hold to take up some space. I've done this - it helps.


  10. Great tutorial! You have been so helpful by posting all these tutorials that it's like having your own personal teacher.I have learned so much from you and look forward to seeing all the amazing works of art you come up with!!!.... I need to install runners for some drawers to slide on and I'm wondering if you have a tutorial for that,if so,I really could use some help!!!