CHRISTMAS TREE ON WHEELS - vintage pram, suitcase, basket

This year I am putting the tree on an antique set of pram wheels.

We will have a little more room this holiday so I wanted
to go back to using the old pram wheels under the tree.
When I am not using them they hanging from the rafters in
my shop area. I stripped the wheels of the handle and any
extra bits I didn't need many years ago. The bassinet was long
gone, rotted away I suppose. Before bringing them into the
house I clean them off with the high pressured air hose
attached to my compressor, blowing away any the little rusty bits.

Here is a look at how I used the wheels a few years back.
The tree was set up in a wide basket and that was placed right
 on the top of the pram frame. I used a furry blanket to cover
 the tree stand between the tree and the basket. The basket
 was weighted down with some heavy flat barbell weights.

This year I tried something different. I used a vintage suitcase
(painted in Annie Sloan) as a platform on the pram frame.
Then I put the tree into a tall fruit basket and sat that on the suitcase.


This is always a great place for the tree in
 our home because the outlet is right behind it.
She looks amazing once all the branches are all fluffed out
and the twinkle lights are turned on.

If you are interested in the wall display behind our tree follow this link:

Our Artificial Christmas tree is 11 years old. We found her at HBC while shopping down town our second Christmas together. She amazes us each time we pull her from the box, cause she always looks so good. Like all of us she does lose some needles each year and it will catch up with her one day
 but for now we are sticking with this gal.

You can always follow along on 
INSTAGRAM @4_the_love_of_wood
where you get sneak peaks of what I am up to.


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