HOW TO MAKE A NIGHTSTAND TALLER - without adding legs

I added 3.5 inches to this nightstands without adding legs. Let me show you how ...

Years ago when we upgraded to a new mattress our
nightstands got lost. Guess what ... all vintage bedside
 cabinets were too short, some were 25 inches but most were
 shorter than that. I knew if I could figure out away to
 add at least a few inches they would be more comfortably
 to use again with our now taller bed.

Well over time I have written several articles about adding
 legs to nightstands, it's the easiest solution to consider. But
what about other option? Not everyone can find or afford a 
set of legs, and maybe like this bedside cabinet it already has nice legs.

My idea this time around was to add a bit of
height at the top, or just under the top. 

I took the drawers out and turned the piece upside down on
 the work bench. I used a flash light to find the screw heads
 that held the top on. They were inside the cabinet body
 going up thru the edge frame into the underneath of the
 surface board. Did you follow all that? 

Once that was removed I started to design and then 
construct the extension. I used wide trim molding for the
 front and sides, some 2x2, and plywood for attaching it all
to the existing frame. 

Be sure to use wood glue and always make strong joints.

Every vintage nightstand is going to be a little different so
 every step I used on this piece won't be the same as another.
 But the new frame must be solid and it must have new places
 to drive screws thru to attach the original top back on. I used
 the 2x2's extending across to re-attach the surface.

 Do not drive your screws all the way through the top and
 break the surface.


I sprayed this bedside in Annie Sloan Pure White. 

I edge distressed with a 220 grit sand paper and finished
 it with a clear wax. I buffed the top to a nice shine.

BEFORE                          AFTER

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