BUILDING LIL BOXES - recycling Christmas cards

The first time I made one of these boxes was
when I was quite young. And truthfully I have
never stopped. They are perfect for hiding small
presents in, or safely storing a small ornament
while packed away for the year. They can also
be used for an advent calendar, hiding a small
treat inside and hung from many different
places in your home.

Most of us have old Christmas cards that could be recycled and if not
your local thrift store probably is selling some.

The pattern I am working with is a two part one so I can have the picture on all sides of my box.
A one part pattern will use a lot of the blank back side of most standard sized Christmas cards,
but a one piece pattern is great to use on larger card stock.

I trace my pattern on my card face adjusting it to use up the image.

Next I make creases and folds where they are needed before
applying glue to the tabs to start putting the box together.


I hole punch the back side so the box can be hung from a string or ribbon.
More on that in a minute.

I glued ALL the the bottom flaps in place, but it is not always necessary.
One is sufficient most of the time.

Here is my little box almost finished.
The last thing I did was to add a ribbon to hang it up.


I tied a loose fat knot that would not fit through the hole I punched.
It feeds through the hole from the inside of the box, loop end first.

You can make your own pattern for this project or if you
would like to use my patterns you can find them on Etsy:



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