PAINTING A COUNTRY STYLE DESK and new shabby chic switch plates

Last time I showed how to change the style of a
piece of furniture with trim and appliques but
there is something simpler to use as well. A
new coat of paint has such a strong ability to
change the look of old things. It can breath
new life into a something you wanted to throw
away and create a completely different style.

This vintage desk was hand built by someone once upon a time but
in 2016 it needed a new life and paint did the trick.

 (Pure white mixed with a small amount of Arles)
Annie Sloan in a soft white did the trick.
I wiped the desk down with warm soapy water and removed the drawers
before starting. I usually take the drawers out and stand them separate from the
main body making it easier to paint with my sprayer.

She's been painted inside and out!
These drawer interiors are done in a soft grey.
There were some staining inside of the drawers, pen and marker spots
 so I stepped out to pick up an oil paint to block them 
and found RUST-OLEUM's chalked spray paint in AGED GREY. 
The top was also finished in a light grey.


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