PAINTING A SHABBY CHIC TALL DRESSER - white cottage chest of drawers

I run across many dressers from this era but this pieces was a nice one. It was made with real solid wood, top to bottom. MDF is usually hidden somewhere in most pieces of furniture built after 1968.

I knew I could take this COLONIAL style and work
some magic on it to get a nice COTTAGE feel in the end.

One of the first things I do with these kinds of pieces is to remove the Frankenstein buttons.
This embellishment will always date the furniture.
They can usually be pried out with a flat screw driver, and in some cases I use pliers.

I used a decorative trim molding to cover the holes for this project. 
Sometimes decorative appliques can also work well depending on where the cover up is needed.

The next step to change the style of this dresser was to remove the hardware.


I have always been a big fan of knobs running down each side of the drawers on chest dressers

 green               navy blue                 light blue                   wood                    red 

so I filled in one half of the existing holes with wood filler and sanded that smooth once dried.

I chose a classic ceramic knob in white and gold,
very close to what was on the top drawer originally. 

I sprayed the piece out doors with ASCP in a creamy white over a bright white.
I have written a couple of articles about spraying with ASCP:

These colonial dressers usually have a lot a dings in the wood, someone sat around hammering
the surface while the dresser was being manufactured. I want to highlight this feature,
so when I distress, the wood shows through as well as the bright white gives it more levels.
You can use any color you like underneath to get a unique final finish.

I have a selection of ceramic knobs available for sale here:

And there is even a double deep bottom drawer, not something I have seen often.

    BEFORE                        AFTER


if we have any vintage hardware for your next project. 
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