This light fixture in our entry looks great
now, but it took a long time figuring out how to
get it to look decent. I had tried many different fixtures but nothing
worked until I thought outside of the box.

Here it is in all it's wonderful naked glory, one ordinary
 bulb in socket fixture. The room is an add-on to the trailer
 and the wiring runs on the surface of the wall and ceiling. It
 even has a pull chain instead of a wall switch for turning it on
 and off. A normal lighting fixture would not work and I tried
 many. Then found this hanging crystal thing-a-ma-jig at a
yard sale and I think it was originally made to be a candle
 holder that hangs with chains and a hook.

I used wire cutters to remove the hanging hook and chains.
Then I cut the tea light candle holder part out of the middle
 where the light bulb needed to fit. After that all I had to do
 was attach it to the ceiling.  Below you can see I used a screw
 and some old metal mirror wall clips.

There you have it, when something conventional won't work
 try thinking outside of the box and make what you need from
 what you can find around you.


I have been building new electrical plates to post this
 month and I'm happy to report they are all ready and listed.
I hand build many of them from vintage and reclaimed items.

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And if you can't find an electrical plate maybe
we have some vintage hardware for you at 

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