HOW I UPHOLSTER CORNERS - foot stool video

There are plenty of upholstery tutorials on the web but I definitely still get asked how I do the corners
when I upholster. I am not professionally trained, I learned over years what works for me and what doesn't.

1. prep frame      2. cut foam    3. cut batting

you can click on each of these photos for a
larger image if you need to see better details

4. cut fabric

I cut my fabric 1 inch bigger than the
batting so I can fold the edge under before I staple.  

I have uploaded 2 short videos taken while doing the corner
 upholstery on a stool. If you have trouble viewing this video
 try using an alternate browser like Google Chrome.


I hope that takes some of the mystery and fear out of getting
 that straight and clean looking corner. There are also some
still photos for you as well. The one thing you might be asking
is about the fabric  underneath, in a lot of cases I like to do a
quick layer of cotton drop cloth then I apply the top layer
 of fabric.
It makes all the difference when using burlap as
well an additional layer softens the upholstery. The process is
 the same with both layers I just use less staples on the first.


In case you wanted a bit more, I have a second video showing the
 other corner being finished. If you have trouble viewing this video
 try using an alternate browser like Google Chrome.


I finished the edge by hot gluing trim over the line of staples. 


Tips for building your own foot stool can found here:

You can always follow along on
 INSTAGRAM @4_the_love_of_wood
where you get sneak peaks of what I am up to.

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