I am a fan of Murdoch Mysteries, a Canadian TV drama
series set in the 1890's. For those unfamiliar with the
plot, Constable William Murdoch is a Toronto detective who
solves his cases using methods of detection that were new to
the time. There are many scenes set in the streets of Toronto
and I enjoy seeing all the shop signs that have been recreated
for filming. They also shoot scenes in the city morgue
which has a great turn of the century look. When I was
working on this next project I envisioned this cabinet in that
setting with white vintage labelling on the glass. But how to
recreate that for myself?

I understood the principals of what I wanted to do but I needed the right tools. The secret ingredient
 turned out to be these craft smart paint pens (seen below). Of all the different pens I have tried for 
projects I found these worked great for glass and they are not too expensive at Michaels.


I printed my graphic in reverse with an ink jet printer.
I took the doors off the cabinet to work on them laying flat.
I cleaned both sides of the glass thoroughly before moving on.
I taped the reverse image onto the front of the glass door facing the glass.
I made sure the pen was ready to go, there is full instructions on the packaging.
You need to have confidence and just go with the flow once you start tracing.
I am right handed so I worked left to right, top to bottom, so I did not smudge the paint.
I used an entire pen on each door.

Once both doors were finished and put back onto the cabinet I took a razor blade and touched up
 some of the graphic by removing little bits of the white paint between letters. This paint is also water
resistant so you can wash over the paint with mild soap and water when needed.

Just think, the possibilities are endless!

PS if you make a horrible mistake you can scrape it off with a razor blade

Here are some unique hardware pieces available at


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  1. How nice of you to share this..

  2. Fabulous work, Kristy.

  3. Wonderful tutorial, thank you!

  4. Looks beautiful... we are big Murdoch fans here as well!

  5. Looks fabulous!!!! Hey, I may be the only dummy here but the paint pen is just a white paint pen right? It looks so great that it is hard to fathom that it is that easy (well, it takes a lot of effort to do but not a complicated process).

  6. Did something similar on a cabinet but with white glass paint and a paint brush. Put it on the inside as it wouldn't get as dirty and need cleaning as often. Actually tried baking it on as the package suggested for permanence and the glass exploded in the oven so I had to get a new glass cut (though it was better because the original glass was just too thin and sharp on the edges, so I had both panes recut.) Package also said it would be permanent after 30 days without baking. Nice to know of this pen that you used. Will make the process quicker next time.

  7. Not only genius, but very patient, determined and a very steady hand Kristy. I love this piece!



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